Let’s Keep South Dakota Wild—Speak Up!

A person exploring the Conata Basin in South Dakota. © Michael Forsberg

Tell Your Friends

Nature needs you to speak up! Species loss, extreme weather events and threats to our state’s economy are all tied up in our lands and waters. We want to keep South Dakota wild and working, but we need your voice. Greater investments in soil health, grassland protection and natural climate solutions are needed now.

Speak up for the next generation of South Dakotans and all who we share these lands and waters with! Let your state lawmakers know about solutions that work for people and nature. Add your name to the list of South Dakota residents who are speaking up for nature.

Pledge to be a voice for nature—sign up to speak up!

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I Will Speak Up for Nature

I agree that protecting nature, advancing nature-based solutions and bolstering our agricultural economy are actions that South Dakota needs now. I pledge to use my outside voice to speak up for nature in South Dakota.

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