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Ko’olau mountains and shoreline on O’ahu. © Sreejith Kurup/TNC Photo Contest 2021

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Hawai‘i’s state legislators need to hear from residents about the value of natural resource funding. Allocating visitor taxes or fees can help offset environmental impacts and enable locally-driven solutions with dedicated funding for our natural resources.

Contact your Hawai‘i state legislators today. Tell them you support the use of visitor taxes or a fee to help close Hawai‘i’s $360 million annual conservation funding gap and protect its natural and cultural resources.

Please note: In order for your petition to submit, your street address must be in Hawai‘i and must be recognized as valid by the U.S. Postal Service. If your address is not recognized for any reason—and thus your petition does not submit—you can alternatively locate and contact your Hawai‘i state legislators here. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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Support Care for ‘Āina Now (CAN)

The natural beauty of our islands beckons us to be responsible environmental stewards. This beauty also serves as critical infrastructure for our islands. As a state, we have neglected to make natural resource maintenance and restoration a priority. We have within our power the ability to change our trajectory as a state, now and for future generations.

The Maui wildfires and other fires throughout our state have served as poignant examples of the importance of maintaining and restoring lands surrounding us because of erratic weather conditions, including droughts and high winds. It is our kuleana to care for these lands and take adaptive climate measures to minimize our risks.

As a member of the Care for ‘Āina Now (CAN) Coalition, we have a shared vision to make the well-being and safety of Hawai‘i’s people our priority. When we take care of our ‘āina, the ‘āina will take care of us and provide what we need. We believe this principle of reciprocity is inherent in the cultural wisdom of mālama ‘āina.

Establishing this funding is long overdue. We cannot put lives, our natural resources, and our economy at risk. We must all heed the lessons we have learned from Maui to make Hawai‘i a safe place to live, work and recreate.

We invite all those who share our vision to join our efforts.

Together, we CAN make a difference to enhance safety in our island home.

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