Support a Visitor Green Fee to Mālama Hawai‘i

Kalalau Valley on Kauai. © John De Mello

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Hawai‘i’s state legislators need to hear from residents about the value of a visitor green fee to mālama (care for) Hawai‘i.

Visitors can help offset environmental impacts and enable locally-driven solutions with a fee dedicated to our natural resources.

Green fees are used around the world to improve and protect natural resources that communities and tourists depend on.

Contact your Hawai‘i state legislators today. Tell them you support a visitor green fee to help close Hawai‘i’s conservation funding gap and protect its natural and cultural resources.

Please note: In order for your petition to submit, your street address must be in Hawai‘i and must be recognized as valid by the U.S. Postal Service. If your address is not recognized for any reason—and thus your petition does not submit—you can alternatively locate and contact your Hawai‘i state legislators here. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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Hawai‘i Needs a Green Fee

More investment in Hawai‘i’s natural resources is required to build environmental and economic resilience for our local communities and our visitor industry. A visitor green fee will close the state’s $360 million/year conservation funding gap and protect Hawai‘i’s ecosystems and natural and cultural resources that provide billions of dollars in value to our economy each year. This investment will ensure that residents and visitors are able to enjoy our incomparable natural environment and island lifestyle for generations to come.

Please support legislation to enact a visitor green fee. Through this program, Hawai‘i could make transformational progress in protecting our native forests that provide fresh water for the islands and habitat for endangered species, conserving our coral reefs that protect our shoreline and provide food and recreation, supporting green jobs to diversify our economy and manage our precious natural resources, and investing in many other community priorities.

What voters say:

• In a 2023 poll, Hawai‘i voters confirmed support for the visitor green fee and overwhelming support for protecting coral reefs and forests.
• 63% support a $50 per person annual visitor fee to protect and restore natural and cultural resources impacted by tourism and climate change.
• 88% believe it is fair for tourists to contribute to the effort.
• 89% believe Hawai’i should increase its investment in protecting land, water, wildlife, and recreational resources.
• 95% believe we have a responsibility, or kuleana, to protect Hawaii’s ocean for future generations.

Mahalo for your support of Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural resources.

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