Tell Congress: Save Bristol Bay

Aerial view of the Talarik River and its tributaries which form the Bristol Bay watershed near the site of the proposed Pebble Mine in southwestern Alaska. © Bridget Besaw

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The planet's last best wild salmon stronghold needs your help. Alaska's magnificent Bristol Bay remains home to more wild salmon than anywhere else. Yet these lands and waters are constantly under looming threat of development for the gold and copper that lies underneath. We need your help right away to urge Congress to act and protect this vital habitat for fish and wildlife in Bristol Bay—permanently.

Mining development here would fill in thousands of acres of wetlands and miles of critical salmon streams, devastating a globally important fishery and harming Indigenous communities who have relied on salmon for thousands of years. We can't let this natural treasure be lost to the highest bidder.

With your help, we can protect Bristol Bay’s world-class salmon run. But we need to act fast. Send your message to your Congressional representatives now urging them to advance permanent protection.

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Please act to permanently protect Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Bristol Bay is one of the last remaining salmon strongholds on the planet, a treasure worth preserving.

Bristol Bay feeds the world, producing more wild salmon than anywhere else on Earth. However, because the mineral deposit beneath its headwaters remains, Bristol Bay will continue to be vulnerable to further attempts of large-scale mining. I urge you to help prevent the destruction of a global natural treasure in Alaska by supporting permanent protection for Bristol Bay.

Alaska is one of the few places where an abundance of wild salmon still exists. And the lakes and rivers of Bristol Bay are the crown jewel of Alaska's incredible salmon habitat. It produces half the world's sockeye salmon, which are key to the culture and way of life of the Alaska Native people that have stewarded these lands and waters for millennia. The Bristol Bay salmon industry is valued at $2.2 billion annually, supports local and regional economies and creates more than 10,000 jobs across the U.S. every year.

Please support Bristol Bay's world-class salmon habitat, its clean waters, its abundant wildlife, and its Indigenous communities and way of life. Join me in strongly supporting permanent protection of Bristol Bay.

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