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Stand up for our natural world with The Nature Conservancy. Every acre we protect, every river mile restored, every species brought back from the brink, begins with you. Your support will help take action on the ground in all 50 states and more than 70 countries.

Support Science and Conservation in Missouri

Thank you for considering a gift to support The Nature Conservancy’s science and conservation strategies in Missouri.

Your gift will support our efforts to PROTECT nature at unprecedented scales by working with communities to conserve nature and the valuable services it provides; to TRANSFORM the way we use and manage resources to safeguard nature and improve human well-being; and to INSPIRE a movement that places nature at the heart of efforts to solve our world’s biggest challenges and ensure a future where people and nature prosper.

You have a remarkable opportunity to meet these urgent needs with transformative solutions. The projects you invest in today will have lasting, positive impacts for years to come.

Donate Now to Protect Cheyenne Bottoms

Your gift will help protect one of the top staging areas (the places migrating birds stop to feed and rest) for shorebirds and waterfowl in the United States.

Donate to Protect Nature in Connecticut

Please make a generous gift to The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut to complete its “Keeping the Promise” campaign and continue its local-to-global work beyond the campaign.

Donate Now to Protect the Flint Hills

Your gift will help protect 4 million acres that nurture some of the greatest biological diversity in the world.

Nature Unites Us in Georgia

Your generous gift to The Nature Conservancy in Georgia will help us continue protecting the land and water that supports all life in our state.

Donate Now to Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

Your gift will help protect the dramatic rock formations and natural treasures at Kansas’ newest state park.

Support Our Featured Conservation Work

Thank you for attending our Nature Connects webinar event series and for your support of The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts. Please donate now and your gift will be used to support conservation work, like the work featured in today’s Nature Connects webinar.

Donate to Protect Montana’s True Nature

Help us ensure that Montana’s future includes diverse and intact forests, unbroken grasslands, and abundant clean, cool water. Your support will make a difference for the fate of Montana’s landscapes and the people and wildlife that depend on them. Join us in leaving a legacy in Montana where nature and people thrive.

Support Clean Water With a Gift

Help secure a future in which all of us have access to clean drinking water and places to safely fish, swim and play. We can protect Minnesota’s famously clean water if we act now!

Clean water depends on all of us. Please donate now to keep it clean while we still can.

Help Protect the Bluffs of St. Teresa

TNC, in partnership with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), has been working to preserve the Dickerson Bay property (also known as the Bluffs of St. Teresa) for over a decade. On May 28, 2020, The Florida Cabinet, under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, approved the acquisition of the 17,088-acre property. It is now on its way to being protected in perpetuity as a direct result of the concerted efforts of TNC and FDEP. We have pledged over $2 million to help secure this win, and we need your help as we work to finalize this acquisition! We are so grateful for your support in ensuring this idyllic reminder of Florida’s past is protected.

The Bluffs of St. Teresa is a breathtaking undeveloped coastal property in Florida’s panhandle that lies within an over 1-million-acre interconnected and protected landscape. For years, this iconic piece of Florida has been our highest priority conservation opportunity—there is truly nothing like it in Florida or on the northern Gulf Coast today. It boasts close to 17 miles of water frontage along the Ochlockonee River and Apalachee Bay, six miles on Ochlockonee Bay, two miles along Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve on the Gulf of Mexico, and has been long coveted by conservationists. Please donate to ensure this idyllic reminder of Florida’s past is protected. If you have any questions or would like additional information (including how to make a gift in someone’s honor), please email [email protected] or call 407-389-4815.

Donate Now to Protect the Tallgrass Prairie

Your gift to the Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve will help us continue protecting the largest protected remnant of tallgrass prairie left on earth.

Since 1989, we’ve been successful at fully restoring this portion of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem with the use of 2,500 free-ranging bison and prescribed fire. Your support will help take action to ensure its protection for future generations.

Help Conserve the Tehachapis

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect the Tehachapi landscape from L.A.’s fast-encroaching urban sprawl. With the momentum of a remarkable private gift and millions in public funding, we have raised over 75% of our goal.

With your support, we can raise the final $7 million by spring of 2022 to protect in perpetuity arguably the most important and longest contiguous wildlife corridor in California.

The Lone Star State Needs You

Nature is a constant we can always rely on to provide us with hope for a better and brighter way forward. In the Lone Star State, inspiration can come from the wide-open waters of the Texas Gulf Coast, the rolling greenery of the Hill Country, the rugged peaks of far West Texas or anywhere in between. Your generous support will enable The Nature Conservancy to continue protecting natural treasures like these—for the love of Texas and for the future of our great state.

Donate to Support a Lasting Legacy

For 50 years, our work at the Virginia Coast Reserve (VCR) has helped to protect the longest expanse of coastal wilderness remaining on the East Coast. As it embarks on its next half-century, VCR stands out as one of the most important living laboratories in the world. Your support will help further our efforts to restore natural coastal systems and protect vulnerable coastal communities—both here and around the world—from the harshest impacts of climate change.

Donate to Protect Nature in Vermont

Help us protect all that you love about Vermont—its forests, waters, and wildlife. Your support will help fund innovative conservation science and on-the-ground projects in our Green Mountain State. When nature unites us, we can create a world where both nature and people thrive.

Support the Future of Nature in New Hampshire

Help build a future where the diversity of life thrives and where people act to conserve nature for its own sake, as well as for its ability to enrich our lives. There’s still time if we act now! Make your contribution to the Future of Nature in New Hampshire campaign to put our bold vision grounded in science into action.

If you have questions about donating to the Future of Nature Campaign, please contact Sydney Allen at 603-230-9221 or [email protected].

Protect Our Home: Donate Now

Climate change is here and California is at a crossroads. We can take action and fight it, or we can let life in our state become unbearable.

The Nature Conservancy has already protected over 1 million acres in our state and brought species back from the brink of extinction. We have a vision for a climate resilient California and we have a plan to make it a reality. You are part of this plan.

Your gift will…

  • Protect strategic areas of Land and Ocean that will make California more resilient to climate impacts.
  • Restore key ecosystems that sequester carbon and protect our water supply.
  • Catalyze environmental solutions in your community and beyond.

We have one choice and one chance. Join us.

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Autumn view of Sanderson Brook, located on the Connecticut River tributary within Chester-Blanford State Forest, Chester, Massachusetts. © Jerry and Marcy Monkman
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