Sign the Pledge: Put Nature on the Agenda

Sunrise over land protected by The Nature Conservancy’s Cumberland Forest Project. © Cameron Davidson

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Making your voice heard on Election Day is important, but it’s only the first step in making your voice heard. We need to keep up the groundswell of speaking up and call on our elected leaders to put protecting our natural world on the agenda now.

Threats to public lands, clean air, clean water and our climate are on the rise, and there’s no time to lose.

Our team has pulled together science-based blueprints for high-priority conservation policies, and we’re ready to get them in the hands of decision makers at every level and branch of government ASAP. When you sign the pledge, you’ll help us show local, state and federal officials that there’s strength in numbers behind the laws we need to protect our planet.

Speak Up for Nature and stand with The Nature Conservancy as we call on elected leaders to act. Add your name now.

Sign the Pledge:

Put Nature on the Agenda

I believe that protecting the environment must be a priority for new and returning elected officials. We need leaders to step up and commit to policies that protect our planet ASAP. Science shows us we cannot afford to wait to safeguard the natural world we all rely on. I’m adding my voice to Speak Up for Nature and join The Nature Conservancy in calling on leaders at all levels of government to support and advance policies that safeguard nature.

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