One Choice. One Climate. One Pledge.

Graphic showing three owls against a green background alongside wildfire burning a forest. © TNC

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Climate change is here and California is at a crossroads. We can take action, or we can let life in our state become unbearable. From catastrophic megafires to the whiplash between drought and flooding, these disasters have become our new normal, but with nature-based climate solutions, we can adapt to these changes and create a better future.

Nature-based climate solutions can achieve one-third of the global greenhouse gas reductions needed to make our climate safer, while also protecting the species with whom we share this planet. But in order to make this happen, we need your support. Sign our pledge as a first step toward building a climate resilient California.

You are part of this plan. Now, it’s time to choose.

By signing the pledge you’ll gain access to:

  • Webinar Series: You’ll hear from climate scientists in the field and experts on the ground.
  • Action Newsletter: Each month, we’ll give you something to learn and something to do to fight climate change.

Sign the Pledge:

By signing this pledge, I commit to make fighting climate change a priority in my life.

I pledge to:

• Educate myself with monthly conservation learnings and the TNC webinar series.
• Commit to simple carbon-reducing lifestyle changes.
• Support one of the on-the-ground strategies I’ve learned about.

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