Tell Congress: Support Investments to Protect Nature

A winding road through a forest of pines. © iStock

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The time to invest in nature is now. The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss threaten all life on Earth and demand urgent action immediately.

That's why advancing smart solutions that will improve the health and resilience of our lands, waters and communities is so important. We also need to make significant progress toward a renewable energy and cleaner transportation future.

Right now, Congress is considering legislation that would make bigger and bolder investments in nature and climate than ever before.

Urge your elected representative to vote YES! for infrastructure legislation that supports clean energy, forest health, community resilience, and natural infrastructure.

Add your name now to urge Congress to support legislation that drives these priorities forward ASAP.

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Support Investments to Protect Nature

We must act urgently to invest in nature to protect our natural world. Our planet, our communities, and all living things are at risk. Now is the time to support bigger, bolder funding than ever for clean energy and nature-based solutions that will create jobs and drive the economy forward.

I urge you to fund investments in nature and clean energy by supporting the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Protecting our lands and waters and reducing carbon emissions are imperative to achieve resilient communities, a stable climate, clean water to drink, and healthy air to breathe.

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