Tell Congress: Put Nature and Climate Solutions on the Policy Agenda

An early morning shot from the shore of Jenny Lake looking up on the Cathedral Group, Wyoming. © Wil Jakeway/TNC Photo Contest 2022

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The climate emergency demands an emergency-level response. The devastating effects of the intertwined crises of climate change and rapid biodiversity loss are here and affecting everyday life in stunning and undeniable ways.

The United States must meet this moment and lead with unprecedented urgency to collectively steer the fate of life on Earth back to safety.

We cannot meet the essential climate targets unless we leverage the power of nature to restore and protect lands and waters. If you agree, send your message to Congress now urging your elected officials to put nature and climate solutions on the policy agenda.

There is no denying that the planet is at a climate crossroads. The time for concrete action is now.

Sign your name to urge the United States to lead from the front and put real solutions into action now.

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Tell Congress: Put Nature and Climate on the Agenda

The climate emergency demands an emergency-level response. Now is the time to put concrete action behind ambitious pledges. Nature-based solutions to restore and protect the planet must be part of the policy agenda if we are to meet the Paris Agreement targets. The U.S. must lead by example and include nature at the forefront of policy and decision-making. I urge you to invest in nature and climate solutions now to put the planet on a better path forward.

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