Speak Out for Action on Species Loss

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The United Nations’ new report on the state of our environment shows that as many as 1 million species could be extinct within decades. Our planet’s diversity of species has plummeted at an alarming rate.

Why? Our natural world is being altered at an alarming rate, and species are paying the price. Forests are being slashed, development is forcing wildlife from its home, and illegal trafficking is taking a grave toll. Many species are dangerously close to extinction fighting against the odds.

We cannot let this vicious cycle continue—as we degrade nature, climate change becomes more severe. And as climate change worsens, it accelerates the loss of precious lands, waters and wildlife.

Leaders around the world are preparing to gather at the U.N. to make new commitments to policies that protect nature and species. Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy as we call on global leaders to back strong international action to stop biodiversity loss.

Together, we can protect nature and ensure that our planet thrives. But only if all nations and businesses step up to the challenge.

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Defend Species and Our Planet

I agree that we must act now to save more species from disappearing. Every species that we lose destroys the delicate balance of our world. We are all connected in the fight to save our planet. I’m adding my voice to The Nature Conservancy’s call for world leaders to put strong policies in place and take action on plummeting wildlife and plant species.

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