Tell Congress: Protect Conservation Funding

TNC staff member Axel Brunst stands on a rock inside the creater of Haleakala National Park, Hawaii. © Ian Shive for The Nature Conservancy

Tell Your Friends

So much is at stake for nature in the coming year: the protection of wildlife and natural places, the clean air and water our communities rely on, the health of people and the entire planet. Elected officials need to hear from YOU.

Tell Congress and the White House how much you care about our natural world. Tell them how critical it is to rely on science to guide conservation efforts. Tell them you’re counting on them to address urgent challenges like energy use, sustaining endangered landscapes, and protecting critically imperiled species.

Speak out now: Protect our nation’s natural heritage and the health of people and our planet.

See Why Others Have Signed

  • “I love my planet and those who live on it.”
    Jim T.
  • “I am a scientist. As such I am fully aware that the issue of preserving our natural world and our environment is something that directly impacts me, my friends, family, and peers and the world our children will be living in.”
    Netanya S.
  • “I care VERY much. This is the first petition I have EVER signed and I am 96 years old.”
    Monique S.
  • “I talked to a 10-year-old boy today who said to me that he was worried thinking about the future. I asked him why and he said, ‘because of global warming, I’m afraid that the earth won’t be there for me and that people will not have places to live as the oceans keep rising.’ …We owe it to the future and to our children to safeguard our planet.”
    Helene W.

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  • President Joe Biden
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Stand Up for Nature

I care deeply about our lands and waters—and the communities that rely upon them—and I’m counting on you to prioritize science-based policies that will protect our nation’s natural heritage, our most cherished places, and the many benefits nature provides to communities.

Now is the time to address urgent challenges like advancing sustainable energy, conserving endangered landscapes, and protecting imperiled species.

I urge you to stand up for laws that will put the U.S. on a path to a healthier future for all of us who rely on nature’s resources. Can I get your commitment to nature?

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