More Land Destruction = More Climate Change. Act Now!

Aerial view of timber cutting near Cachoeira Reservoir, Brazil. © Scott Warren

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The United Nations’ new report warns that 70% of all ice-free land on Earth has been altered. And it’s pushing climate change from bad to worse.

We can’t let this vicious cycle continue—as we degrade nature, climate change becomes more severe.

The Nature Conservancy is putting everything we’ve got into getting our planet on the right path. And we need you standing with us to urge the world to act. We need a climate action plan that can stop catastrophic climate change by:

  • Investing in nature’s solutions. Restoring forests and other ecosystems could contribute more than one-third of global emissions reductions needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • Putting agriculture and energy where nature’s already been degraded instead of destroying more land. Science shows us that there’s enough degraded land available to meet the world’s clean energy goals 17 times over!
  • Catalyzing common ground. Local communities and indigenous peoples are on the front lines of the climate fight—and, together, we can make change from the ground up.

Your voice matters in this fight. Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy in calling for real action to prevent catastrophic climate change now. It’s never been more urgent to protect nature and ensure that our planet thrives.

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I Want Real Action on Climate Change Now

Natural lands are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate and we can’t let this vicious cycle continue. As we degrade nature, climate change becomes more severe. And as climate change worsens, it accelerates the loss of precious lands, waters and wildlife. Our planet needs direct action now. I’m adding my voice to help you to rally scientists, political leaders and companies around the world to stand up for real solutions to protect land and prevent catastrophic climate change. I believe it’s time to put our planet on the right path.

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