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Green sea turtle swimming in the shallow waters of Kahalu'u Beach, Big Island, Hawaii. © Bo Pardau

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Nearly all species of sea turtles are endangered, and every year thousands perish on their dangerous migrations. Sea turtles are rapidly losing nesting habitat to coastal development and rising seas, are often caught in discarded fishing gear, and many die from being caught in nets from fishing vessels. Without healthy ocean waters, sea turtles and so many other species cannot survive.

That’s why implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework and High Seas Treaty are so critical. We need countries around the world to commit to immediate, specific action right away. Or else as many as 1 million species could be extinct within decades.

Send your message to U.N. members today, and call on global leaders to protect sea turtles and other species in our ocean.

Now’s the time for urgent action. To create the biggest public impact possible, we’re joining together with more than 25 like-minded organizations to show the collective strength of our Voice for the Planet and flood world leaders with our petitions to act.

Stand with us and use your voice to save sea turtles and many more threatened species. Add your name to our call for action on biodiversity loss now.

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Protect Our Ocean and Marine Life

We must act now to save sea turtles and other threatened species from disappearing forever. I urge you to take action to protect the animals and nature that our planet needs to thrive. It is imperative that world leaders take strong action to halt biodiversity loss, or else as many as 1 million species could be extinct within decades. Every species that we lose undermines the delicate balance of life on Earth, and the loss of nature exacerbates grave threats like climate change. Don’t wait to commit to immediate, specific actions to save species like sea turtles.

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