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Join with us and raise your voice in support of more investment in the power of nature to address climate change.

Tackling climate change will require moving toward clean, renewable energy sources. It will also require natural climate solutions—improving the ways lands are managed to increase carbon storage and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Research demonstrates that we can double nature’s ability to store carbon and keep global temperature increases under 1.5°C/2.7°F. Many natural climate solutions are cost-effective and will also improve the health of our water, air, forests, soil, and coasts.

With your support, The Nature Conservancy is working to make natural climate solutions a key part of tackling the climate crisis through projects like these:

  • Restoring forests, coastal wetlands, and grasslands
  • Demonstrating sound forestry and reduced-impact logging techniques
  • Strengthening fire management practices

We’re also working on policies to advance these solutions and with scientists around the world to find natural solutions that provide the biggest bang for the buck.

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I want natural solutions as part of the solution set for tackling climate change!

There is no time to waste. Our planet, our country and our communities are at risk from multiple threats from climate change. We have opportunities to invest in the power of nature to address climate change, providing many other benefits in the process.

I pledge to raise my voice to rally policy leaders, businesses, and landowners and others to join us in supporting natural climate solutions.

We can do it. Let’s get going!

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