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Dawn on the salt marsh at The Nature Conservancy's Lubberland Creek Preserve in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Great Bay. © Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhoto
Dawn on the salt marsh at The Nature Conservancy's Lubberland Creek Preserve in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Great Bay. © Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhoto

Speak up for nature by contacting your elected officials or pledging to take action.

Make a difference for conservation— we can’t do it without you!

A whooping crane standing amongst ground cover in the Welder Flats area. Photo Credit: © Kendal Larson

Tell Congress to Save America's Wildlife

Urge Congress to pass the Recovering America's Wildlife Act (RAWA) to save at-risk and endangered species.

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Electric vehicle at a recharging station

Support Infrastructure to Power Our Clean Energy Future

Join The Nature Conservancy to make a direct impact for investing in a low-carbon future. [Form built but missing image]

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Bear walks in the forest

Pledge to Meet the Determining Decade

Join forces with TNC to meet the challenge of our planet’s climate crisis, while we still can.

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A Florida panther sitting in a fern covered field

Help Save Marine Life

Help protect marine life in honor of World Ocean Day.

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Sunrise aerial image of land protected by The Nature Conservancy's Cumberland Forest Project

Sign the Pledge: Put Nature on the Agenda

Election Day is only the first step in making your voice heard. Your voice matters in keeping up the momentum to protect our natural world every day. Sign the pledge now.

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Support Natural Climate Solutions

Join with us and raise your voice in support of more investment in the power of nature to address climate change.

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Live oaks frame the distant rolling hills on a ranch

Speak Up for Nature

Join the thousands of people stepping up to protect our planet. Make your voice heard.

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Bristol Bay, Alaska. © Bill McDavid

Help save Bristol Bay, one of the world's last salmon strongholds

Please support Bristol Bay's world-class salmon habitat, its clean waters, its abundant wildlife, and its Indigenous communities. Strongly voice your opposition to Pebble Mine.

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Aerial view of timber cutting near Cachoeira Reservoir, Brazil. © Scott Warren

More Land Destruction = More Climate Change. Act Now!

UN report shows land destruction is speeding up climate change. Urgent action needed!

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Elephants standing by water. © iStockPhoto

Speak Out for Action on Species Loss

Stand up for action to stop species loss! Science-backed solutions are urgently needed now.

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Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. © Nick Hall

Tell Congress: Save Our Common Ground

It's time for our leaders to come together and protect our natural world.

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A heat map of the world. Photo Credit: © NASA

Stand Up for Climate Action

Stand up for fighting climate change! It’s time to push for science-based solutions now before our window of opportunity closes.

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smokestacks against sunset © Thinkstock

Sign The Pledge: Climate Action Now

America needs to honor our commitments to global climate action. Call for strong and continued U.S. leadership.

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A pile of red, white and blue button with science text. © iStockPhoto

Sign the Pledge: I'm With Science!

Science holds the key to solving our biggest environmental challenges. Stand with us in showing our leaders that we believe in science and its power to change our world for the better.

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Person stands on a rock inside the creater of Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii. © Ian Shive

Tell Congress: Protect Conservation Funding

Speak out now: Protect our nation's natural heritage and the health of people and our planet.

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A Florida panther sitting in a fern covered field. © David Shindle

Only 180 Left: Act Now to Save the Florida Panther

The lands that the endangered Florida panther calls home are at risk. Only 180 of these majestic cats are left, and every acre of habitat is critical. Make your voice heard to help.

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The moonrise over Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. © Nick Hall

Protect America's Public Lands!

Public lands are part of our national legacy. As they face growing threats, we must step up to protect these natural treasures.

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An endangered Green Sea Turtle gracefully glides below the waves in the lagoon. © Jordan Robins /TNC Photo Contest 2019

Act Now to Save Our Ocean

Call on global leaders to back a strong, legally binding treaty to stop unsustainable fishing and other ocean abuses.

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