Act Now to Save Our Oceans

An endangered green sea turtle in the Great Barrier Reef. © Jordan Robins/TNC Photo Contest 2019

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Every year, thousands of sea turtles die from their dangerous migrations in the high seas. Fraught with jeopardy, some must swim as far as 1,250 miles to reach their nesting grounds, but many never complete the journey.

Deep sea mining, overfishing, entangled fishing gear—these are just a few of the perils they face on their treacherous swim. Abuses like these regularly go unchecked in the high seas that cover nearly half of our planet. The high seas are a no-man’s land—vast open areas of ocean beyond any national territory—with few regulations and even fewer consequences. We simply cannot save our ocean unless we protect marine life in the high seas.

There’s never been a more urgent time to safeguard our ocean and the diverse marine life in the high seas. That’s why a new, legally binding treaty to protect marine biological diversity is so critically needed.

Now’s the time for urgent action. To create the biggest public outcry possible, we’re joining together with more than 25 like-minded organizations to show the collective strength of our Voice for the Planet and create the biggest collective demand for nature we have yet seen.

Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy to call on global leaders to back a strong treaty to protect the high seas. If we don’t take action now, the costs will likely be catastrophic.

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Stop Unsustainable Fishing and Unlimited Exploitation of Our Ocean

I agree that we must act now to save our ocean before it’s too late. It’s time to stop the high seas from being plundered without regulation. It is imperative for global leaders to back a new legally binding United Nations treaty to safeguard marine life and stop unlimited exploitation in our vulnerable high seas. A strong international agreement will hold all nations accountable for protecting these waters that make up almost half of our planet’s surface. I’m adding my voice to The Nature Conservancy’s call for action at the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to protect our ocean from unsustainable fishing and other abuses.

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