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Seven in 10 Americans believe climate change is happening and 6 in 10 are worried about it. Yet more than half of Americans rarely—if ever—talk about climate change with their friends and families. You can help change that.

Talking about climate change doesn’t have to be scary or divisive. Let those close to you know that we have climate solutions that could address global warming, avoid the worst impacts of climate change, and provide economic opportunities.

Sign our pledge to start talking about climate change. We’ll give you the tools to feel confident. We just need you to go out into the world and start the conversation.

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We can talk climate, and your voice has the power to get real dialogue started.

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Take action on climate change

I am deeply concerned about the threat climate change poses to our communities, our economy and our planet. If we’re going to fix this problem, we need to talk about it.

I pledge to start talking about climate change, and to do my best to stay informed about climate solutions locally and globally.

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